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Farm Products

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Farm Products

Our goal is to grow fresh produce and raise healthy animals without the use of anything artificial. While our farm is not certified organic, we only use natural soil amendments. We do not use any sprays that are not certified organic. Our animals are not fed any growth hormones, or medicated feeds. We do not feed our animals any corn or soy. Everything on our farm supports each other. All of our unsellable veggies, microgreen seed mats, or left over plants go to the compost, or to the animals. The animals help clear the land and produce manure that then helps to fertilize the land.

We grow:
Assorted Vegetables for a 18 week CSA Produce Box Program and Farm Store
Select Vegetables for Wholesale
Microgreens for our Farm Store and Wholesale
Garlic for our Farm Store and Wholesale

We raise:
Free Range Eggs for our Farm Store
Free Range Heritage Pork for our Farm Store
Free Range Goats

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What We Produce

Farm-fresh items

Our Farmboxes

Community Supported Agricultuer

Standard Size Produce Box

18 week veggie box program
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Community Supported Agricultuer

Large Size Produce Box

18 week large veggie box
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