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Farming Practice


We grow all our microgreens holistically with certified organic seeds.


We grow our Red Russian and Spanish Roja garlic with natural practices adding manures and compost.


Our vegetables are grown holistically with the use of manures, compost and natural soil amendments. We work on soil building to nourish our plants. We grow as organically as possible, however we are not certified organic.

Woodland Chicken Eggs

Our heritage chickens are raised free range on pasture and in the forest. Our girls forage for food as well as being fed organic chicken feed, vegetables and microgreens. Our chickens are not fed any corn or soy.

Woodland pork

We are raising heritage bred pigs in our forest. The pigs are free range, and allowed to root as they please. Our pigs are fed a diet of whole grain, veggies, alfalfa, minerals , and allowed to forage as much as they would like. We do not feed any corn or soy.

Woodland Goats

We have Nubian Goats. Nubians goats are a dual purpose breed meaning they produce wonderful milk, but also are good meat goats. Our goats are helping to clear all the brush in our forest. They love to eat brambles, leaves and brush. We hope to learn more about milking and make our own cheese!

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Errington, BC Canada