Welcome to Sirius Micro Farm Our Farm is committed to sustainable farming practices, using holistic techniques and working with nature
to create full circle farming.
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High-Quality Farm Produce Providing pure nourishing food straight from the earth to our communities. Contact Us Holistic & Natural Farming With attention to sustainability, ecological production and soil building with the use of composts and manures. Contact Us
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Our menu changes weekly according to what's fresh, local, and in-season. You will get 6-8 different veggies each week.

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Farming Practice

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We grow all our microgreens holistically with organic seeds. We are in the process of apply for organic certification with our microgreens.

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We grow our Red Russian and Spanish Roja garlic with natural practices adding manures and compost.

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Our vegetables are grown holistically with the use of manures, compost and natural soil amendments. We work on soil building to nourish our plants.

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Pasture Chicken Eggs

COMING SOON: Our heritage chickens are raised free range on pasture and in the forest. Our girls forage for food as well as being fed fermented organic chicken feed and microgreens.

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Woodland pork

COMING SOON: We are raising heritage bred pigs in our forest. The pigs are free range, and allowed to root as they please. Our pigs are fed a holistic diet, and allowed to forage as much as they would like.

Hello and Welcome

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Errington, BC Canada