Produce Box

By signing up for a harvest box, you are joining the Sirius Micro Farm team. You pay upfront for 18 weeks worth of fresh holistically grown vegetables from our farm, that you will pick up each week. We will give you an assortment of vegetables, and even some fruit when its in season! You will get a weekly email letting you know what you will be receiving that week along with a recipe idea and updates to what is happening on the farm.

  1. 18 Weeks

    From mid June to Mid October, receive a weekly box of fresh produce straight from the farm.

  2. Sustainable Local Produce

    Know where your produce is from and who grows it!

  3. Holistically Grown

    Grown from the earth with just composts, manures, and natural ammendments.

  4. Vancouver Island Grown

    Everything is grown right here in Errington