Farming Practices

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Our Practices

- Holistic
- Ecological Production
- Consistency
- Building Soil
- Attention to Detail

All while focusing on
- Sustainability
- Working with Nature
- Year Round Farming
- Providing High Quality, Nourishing Food to our Communities.

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Farming Practice

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Our Microgreens are grown in a controlled indoor enviroment. We use organic seeds and soil. We have taken the time to figure out each varieties needs, while working hands on with our greens. This means we handle each tray of greens from start to finish, always checking the quality of our product.

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We use composts, manures and natural amendments along with crop rotation to allow us to produce high quality produce.

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Our garlic is grown with the assistance of manures. We rotate our crops and use cover crops to rejuvenate the soil

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Free Range Eggs

Coming Soon: Our chickens live a free range life running through the forest. They are fed an organic fermented feed as well as whatever their forage for and our microgreens!

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Woodland pork

Our pigs are raised in the forest. They can root and till up any of the bush and shrubs they please. Our pigs are helping to clear the land where we will plant. Their free range diet is supplemented with fermented organic grains, and fruit & veggies

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Questions & Answers

With holistic farming we are doing everything naturally. We have not gone through the organic certification process but we are following their ways of growing. This means we use manures, composts, and natural soil amendments. We cover our vegetables as a way of reducing insect damage instead of spraying our crops.

We are currently in the process of certifying our microgreens. What that means is we have strict guidelines we follow. We use organic seeds, and all your manures and composts need to be from organic sources. Everything that goes into the soil, or on the soil needs to be organic.

Organic certification also involves ensuring you use organic cleaners, packaging, and that even your water is tested to ensure top quality.

The Certified Organic Association of BC is there main certifying body in the province. There are also smaller certifying bodies that focus on specific regions like Islands Organic Producers Association, who we are working with

Holistic farming means we are not putting chemicals into the earth. We are using natural additive and improving and building soil quality.

For example, our chickens provide us with wonderful high quality eggs, however they also provide us with lots of manure that composts down and becomes a very good soil amendment.

Go to the Certified Organic Association of BC’s website, for a full wealth of information and resources. You can also check out a facebook group we run, Vancouver Island Organic Farmers Network for like minded farmers to support each other.