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Pork will be ready for pick up mid to end of September

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Forest raised, free range heritage pork. Our heritage pigs are raised in the forest, rooting and exploring. They are fed certified organic grains, microgreens, fruits and veggies. We raise our pigs as naturally as possible allowing them to be happy pigs doing what pigs love to do.

When you purchase a quarter pig from us we charge $8.25lb hanging weight. (Hanging weight refers to the weight of the carcass after the hair, blood, and other inedible parts are removed.) Hanging weight is usually 70-75% of the live weight. For a quarter pig your hanging weight would be 40- 50lbs. At $8.25/lbs a quarter pig will cost roughly $320-400, which includes the price of slaughter and basic cut and wrap. If you would like any smoking or curing there is an additional $1.85/lbs (or $2.10/lbs for nitrate free smoking/curing) or sausages costing $2.20-$2.50 depending on the flavour charge. (This is the same cost the butcher charges)

With quarter pig packages, we choose the smoking, sausages etc. If you place your order prior to September 26th we can try to accommodate some choice. As we cannot select custom options for quarter pig, only half pig, we are limited in the options that we can offer.

All our meat is slaughtered and processed in a BC government inspected facility here on Vancouver Island.

Our next group will be going in Sep 1. If you would like any input to your cuts please have reservations in by August 30th.

Final payment is due prior to pick up


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