Free Range Pigs

Free Range Heritage Pork

As par of our full circle farming, our pigs are being raised in the forest working the land that we will slowly clear. Our pigs spend their day eating the moss off the trees, digging up roots and doing whatever they like. They are in a 1/4 acre forested area and once they clear it they will be moved to another area.

We believe that our animals should live as natural of a life as possible. This means foraging, and being happy pigs. We supplement their foraging with fruit and vegetables, nuts and organic fermented whole grains.

Our pigs are a mixture of berkshire, large black and old spot. These pigs are not bred from commercial production. They have great natural instincts. In commercial pig production, pigs are confined and fed a constant supply of commercial feed usually including corn and soy. Our pigs will grow slower while running in the forest and eating.a healthy varied diet.

Come Fall we will have our pork for sale –  more information will come