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Free Range Goats


Free Range Forest Raised Goats

We currently have Nubian Goats. The Nubian is the product of many years’ development in Britain, where imported African Nubian goats and Indian Jamnapari were crossed with dairy breeds until a consistent breed character was attained. The Roman nose, long ears and colourful coats are very popular with breeders, as is the high fat milk for which the breed is known. The Nubian is an all-purpose goat, useful for meat, milk and hide production. We are excited to try milking our goats to make our own cheese and make goats milk soap.

Our herd will be tested this spring for CAE and Johnes to insure a clean herd.

Meet Our Goats
Our Buck:

Old Bones Creak Elliot Moose “Moose”

Moose is a purebred registered Nubian from Old Bones Creak in the Comox Valley. He is a stunning boy, with beautiful structure and a wonderful soft temperament. We can’t wait to see what he produces.

Our Does

Our girls are from Janice and Gerald on Quadra Island. They have a wonderful herd and many many years of goat experience. The girls are all sweet and gentle and developing nicely. We are excited to see what they produce.

Meet: Saide, Angie, Lucy & Ciara

Our Weathers

Tanner and Kash are brothers and are here for company and brush pruning. The boys are both purebred Nubians from Old Bones Creak. Tanner lives with Moose so that he has company and can’t breed the girls whenever he feels like it. Kash lives with the girls and quite enjoys that.

Weathers are neutered male goats. You need to keep your buck separate from the girls, so weathers make great companions for the buck.

Meet Kash & Tanner