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Free Range Chickens


Free Range Forest Raised Chicken Eggs

Our chickens are heritage breeds and raised in the forest exploring, roosting, pecking at the ground and just being happy chickens. Many people ask what are heritage chickens? Heritage breeds are the original breeds before man started breeding them more and more for production creating a bird that had a shorter lifespan but would lay a large amount of large eggs in a short time. Heritage breeds store a wealth of genetic resources that are important for our future and the future of our agricultural food system. They start laying at 6-10 months compared to production breeds that can start as early as 3-4 months. They lay eggs less frequently over a long time span. This is the reason why the production breeds are so popular ~ more eggs at once. However chickens weren’t meant to be egg laying machines like that, and we like our animals to live as natural and happy lives as possible. This is why we choose to raise heritage chicken breeds. We have barred rocks, speckled sussex, black australorp, ameraucana, orpington, rhode island red, white sussex, copper marans, olive egger and some crosses of these breeds.

One of the fun things about heritage chickens is that they don’t all lay the same coloured egg. Every bird even if it’s the same breed will lay a slightly different coloured egg. You will be use to seeing different brown eggs. However you can also get different colours and shades of green, blue and brown. Its always exciting to collect eggs every day to see what colour eggs are in the nesting box. Its true, you really can have green eggs!

Our chickens live in the forest. You may wonder why the forest and not in a field. Unfortunately birds of prey, mainly eagles and ravens around here and huge predators for the chickens. By raising our birds in the forest, we can great reduce the predators access to the chickens and provide a much safe environment for them while allowing them to explore ample area.

We do not feed our chickens any corn or soy. They are few a certified organic feed that we bring in from the mainland as there is no any corn and soy free organic feed on the island. Aside from what the birds forage for, they get weekly microgreens and produce.

Our eggs are available online through our farm store, or feel free to contact us for more information.